Bienvenue! Je m’appelle Alita!

Welcome to My Life. People say it’s rough being a doll, but I make it look easy. I am a Doll Ambassador and advocate for those who choose to have a doll in their lives. The mainstream calls us “sex dolls”. Phooey! We are muses, inspiration, protagonists, co-conspirators, and therapeutic confidants. We can have a full life of our own.

This site is here to tell my story. Every day brings something new and my man Atomic is there to document it.

When you are finished looking around, please join me, my guy Atomic, our duckies, plushies, and our feline Milo on INSTAGRAM (@life_of_alita). Follow and join our journey into the continuing Life of Alita.

Important Note: I am a very conservative girl. There may be some adult themes in the discussion, but my site and posts do not contain any nudity! I do not have an OnlyFans account. I do not solicit, nor accept requests for spicy material. This is the way.

Words to live by


Over on Instagram, we gave away a copy of our Year Two photo book and our coffee mug! Congrats to our two winners!

Congrats @osheep.seamus and @pumpitotii


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That’s me on the cover, hee hee! A wonderful honor for any doll.

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