Category: Music

  • Pipeline!


    Jamming to the 1963 LP By the Chantays, with the help of my Surfin’ Birds!

  • Alita MTV VJ

    Alita MTV VJ

    March 3rd 1984, when I filled in as VJ on MTV for an “under the weather” Nina Blackwood. Hee hee!

  • MTV Turns 40!

    MTV Turns 40!

    On Aug 1, 1981, 40 years ago today, MTV began its broadcast. It was only available to a handful of cable subscribers in New Jersey on its first day. By 1983, it would be in most homes in the US and become a phenom of 80s pop culture. While “music videos” were nothing new (many…

  • Alita Sane

    Alita Sane

    Greatest Album Cover of All Time!

  • Just the Girl U Want

    Just the Girl U Want

    She sings from somewhere you can’t seeShe sits in the top of the greenest treeShe sends out an aroma of undefined loveIt drips on down in a mist from aboveShe’s just the girl, she’s just the girlThe girl you want

  • Look Sharp

    Look Sharp

    You gotta look sharp! And you gotta have no illusionsJust keep going your way looking over your shoulder

  • Rockaway Beach

    Rockaway Beach

    Chewin’ out a rhythm on my bubble gumThe sun is out and I want someIt’s not hard, not far to reachWe can hitch a ride to Rockaway BeachUp on the roof, out on the streetDown in the playground, the hot concreteBus ride is too slowThey blast out the disco on the radio

  • Frankie


    Strangers in the Night – Frank Sinatra – 1957

  • Rock Band

    Rock Band

    Cranking up the PS 3 with some Rock Band tonight! 🎸🎵🎶🎶

  • Jamming


    First Guitar Lesson 🎵🎶